Natural Resources Policy

Wind Energy

The Irish state has turned to wind energy as its key mechanism for meeting a shift to renewable energy. A full 39% of this renewable energy comes from wind and there are now over 200 wind farms dotted across Ireland.

Wind energy can provide a useful alternative to a dependence on fossil fuel imports, but unfortunately, the shift to wind energy has been driven by a greed for profit.

A special public service obligation of €7.69 (ex VAT) per month has been imposed on electricity consumers to help subsidise the profits of private energy companies.

Regulations on the siting of wind farms have been extremely lax so that those living near-by are subject to noise and light silhouettes.

Instead of a focus on community involvement, the Irish government have been more interested in hooking Ireland up to a British energy market from which corporations can gain profit.

As a result of these policies, wind energy is increasingly being controlled by giant multi-national corporations such as GE Electric and a Japanese corporation, Sojitz, one of whose principal investors is Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance.

People Before Profit aims to reverse this policy which has led to huge opposition from concerned citizens across the country.

We want to

  • End subsidies to private corporations
  • Develop a public wind company that will invest in appropriate wind farms that service the Irish population.
  • Introduce strict regulations that protect those living in the neighbourhood of wind farms.