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Paul Murphy TD and Brid Smith TD have now submitted a motion to remove Séamus Woulfe from the Supreme Court. His attendance at the Golfgate dinner undermined the public health effort being made to stop the spread of Covid-19.

At a time when people couldn’t attend funerals of loved ones, he was at a dinner that broke the rules he was involved in drafting! He clearly thought the rules didn’t apply to people like him.

The TDs were due to have the motion to start the process of impeachment tomorrow. However the Ceann Comhairle, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, is blocking it. He has made a ruling about Standing Orders which makes no sense, in order to stop it being debated.

We are calling on other opposition parties to support our right to bring this motion and insist on accountability. It was widely accepted that the refusal of Séamus Woulfe to resign meant that the responsibility to deal with this was in the hands of TDs. However, now the utilisation of the only mechanism of accountability available to us is being obstructed.

Fight Covid-19-
Health Before Profit

-Regular inspections and testing in workplaces, particularly the meat plants
-Take the private hospitals into public ownership to increase bed capacity
-Invest in a proper, permanent test and tracing system

Restore and Pandemic Unemployment Payment to €350

-Give people the minimun they need to live on- €350 a week
-Make employers top up the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme to full pay

Ban Evictions – Control the Rent & Build Social Housing

-For a complete ban on evictions while this pandemic lasts
-Bring in proper rent controls that allow for rent reductions
-Use public land for social and affordable homes.
-Freeze mortgage payments for those in financial distress

End Partition- For a 32 County Socialist Ireland

-For a border poll to give people a democratic right to end partition
-For a new, radical Ireland that benefits all workers – ‘Catholic, Protestant and dissenter’

System Change
Not Climate Change

-Break the power of the Agri-export industry. Take food plants into public control re--orientate Irish agriculture
-Invest in public transport - Bring in free public transport to get people out of cars
-Create thousands of new Green Jobs through public investment in retrofitting and renewable energy

Oppose Racism &
the Far Right

-Make Ireland fascist free – oppose the message of racist hate
-Close direct provision - end all discrimination


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