Evict This Government – Protest At The Dáil, 1 pm April 1st

On two occasions, the Dáil has voted to end the eviction ban. Landlords make up just 3% of the Irish population but 80 TDs are either landlords or large landowners.

So, no wonder a Dáil dominated by landlord interests voted for what landlords want.

Many will be thrown on the streets because there is simply no place to go. According to Simon Communities, there were just 29 HAP homes to rent in a three-day period last month.

Nearly 12,000 people in Ireland are currently designated as homeless. The situation is so bad that even homeless hostels are full.

The government said they got legal advice from the Attorney General, Rossa Fanning. But he owns a rental property portfolio worth €1.5 million.

We have a heartless government that is doing nothing to solve the housing crisis or protect people from inflation.

Nobody should be fooled by the rhetoric that refugees are to blame. This government has caused the housing crisis by refusing to build social housing.

To make matters worse the government is also withdrawing supports for energy bills – even though they are shockingly high. On April Fool’s Day tell them what you think. We want:

  • A rent freeze and a ban on evictions
  • Price controls on food and energy prices
  • A cap on mortgage interest -don’t let the banks suck us dry.
  • Wages that match the rise in prices.

Get to the Dáil on April 1st at 1 pm to show what you think of this rotten government.

You can join People Before Profit at pbp.ie/join