Palestine Policy


It is over seventy years since Zionist migrants, mainly European, illegally seized and began the ethnic cleansing and colonisation of historic Palestine, creating the colonial state of Israel. In this same period Israel has ignored countless United Nations resolutions condemning the ongoing occupation including the seizure of land and resources which goes against recognised international norms and laws. Israel refuses to end its military occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza. Israel’s ignoring of international law has led to the illegal widespread dispossession of Palestinian property. The illegal occupation and subsequent colonisation has delivered nothing but widespread poverty and unemployment for Palestinians and left them economically reliant on their occupier. This has left both the economy and infrastructure completely under developed to the detriment of the natural growth of the Palestinian people both socially and economically.

Further curtailment of this natural growth comes with the ongoing construction of the separation wall in the West Bank since 2002. This is a visceral symbol of the apartheid nature of the Israeli state. This wall has allowed Israeli occupation forces to turn the West Bank into a series of Bantustans. With military checkpoints restricting the movement of Palestinians it has left the full control of Palestinian natural resources of the West Bank in the hands of their occupier. The ongoing blockade of Gaza has created the world’s largest open-air prison leading to a humanitarian crisis for 2 million Palestinians. This military and economic siege has been condemned by the UN who declared Gaza as a humanitarian disaster that would become unlivable for humans by 2020. This date has come and gone, and nothing has changed for the people of Gaza.

In 2018 Israel dropped any pretence about its racist nature to the world when it adopted the Nation-State Laws. These laws stipulate that the “actualisation of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people”. This law leaves the 1.7 million Palestinians still inside Israel without any hope for sovereignty while being left to the mercy of a hostile majority. It demotes the Arabic language to “special status” and promotes the construction of illegal settlements in the occupied territories. It also proclaims Jerusalem as its capital in defiance of international law.

None of this would be possible for Israel without international complicity and support politically, economically and militarily, including the support given by the Irish state. The long-standing support of the United States intensified under the presidency of Donald Trump who moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, violating international law. Both countries also withdrew from UNESCO in 2018 following the world heritage status conferred on the Palestinian city of Hebron which is undergoing a vicious colonisation by illegal Israeli settlers. President Biden has thus far done nothing to reverse these moves.

This ongoing ethnic cleansing could be stopped with international pressure but the state level of support for Israel means that effective change will only come through pressure from civil society both in Palestine and internationally. One of the foremost  tactic currently being employed  to end the occupation is the call for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. This call from Palestinian civil society hopes to motivate the same forces internationally that helped pressure the apartheid regime of South Africa and is a tactic People Before Profit fully endorses. 

It is the capitalist system’s domination of our lives which promotes the racism and perpetuates the exploitation and oppression of the majority. It is this same system that has allowed Israel to act with impunity towards the Palestinian people. Through people power this system must be changed, not just here in Ireland but across the world especially if states like Israel are to be brought to heel under international law. It is our state that turns a blind eye to atrocities carried out against Palestinians in the pursuit of profit. In a globalised world the freedom of Palestine is tied to the freedom of the working class of every country and their emancipation will hasten the end of oppression world-wide. People Before Profit have a proud tradition of opposing oppression, antisemitism and all forms of religious intolerance; racism and war and for these reasons have developed the following detailed policy outlining our position supporting not just the immediate end to all aspects of the occupation but the creation of a secular one democratic state with equal rights for all who live in the region.