Healthcare Policy

    Download the Healthcare Policy Document here.


    • A National Health Service that treats people according to medical need.
    • Establish an Independent Health Promotion Agency to promote health and preventative behavior.
    • Abolish the HSE – hospital groups and CHOs to be integrated and governed by new health councils.
    • Create a network of community primary care centres – free GP care for all.
    • Guarantee access to health care within 18 weeks.
    • Guarantee access to emergency hospital care within 4 hours of presenting to an Emergency Department, elective hospital inpatient care within 12 weeks of referral, outpatient care within 10 weeks and diagnostic procedures within 10 days.
    • Move to 21,000 beds nationally to increase capacity. Compulsory purchase private facilities required as part of increasing the number of public beds.
    • Increase ambulances and air ambulances to meet 8-minute response times. Introduce a Paramedic Transport Service
    • Increase medical technicians by 750 as per HIQUA recommendations
    • Re-open hospitals closed during the recession -reopen emergency departments too.
    • End ‘outsourcing’ of frontline health service jobs
    • End outsourcing of non-medical healthcare staff
    • Stop all support and tax breaks for private hospitals and health care facilities
    • Reduce profiteering by private drug companies. Overtime, – move to a National Pharmaceutical Company.
    • Abolish prescription charges and all other out-of-pocket payments such as hospital in patient charges; abolish car parking charges in hospitals – reduce the drug payment scheme threshold to zero.
    • Establish 500 primary care teams and primary care centersto house them.
    • Invest in a network of Community Development Health Workers based in community projects.
    • End the ‘Fair Deal Scheme’ and improve funding for the elderly.
    • Increase funding for Mental Health and ringfence funding for child and adolescent mental health.
    • Disability services should follow a rights-based approach.
    • Increase Personal Assistant Hours so people with disabilities can lead independent lives.
    • Early intervention for children with disabilities.
    • Improve age appropriate services for young people.
    • Improve cancer care including screening, access to diagnostic tests, radiotherapy/chemo.
    • Extend diagnostic option during pregnancy in weeks 18-22 to all who want them.
    • Extra support for those with autism and those with dementia. Transgender people to access services as a fundamental human right.
    • Create fresh fruit clubs and community exercise initiatives.
    • Chemicals added to food, water or air should be more closely regulated and subject to public consultation and control
    • Create a country wide network of cycle lanes
    • End Corruption and Improve Service Planning.
    • Investigate malpractice at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise
    • Build resistance to cuts and privatisationin healthcare.
    • Work in con-junction with the Still Waiting Health Campaign to unite trade unions, workers and service-users to fight for a better health service for all.