LGBTQ Policy

    Download the LGBTQ Policy Document here.


    People Before Profit campaigns for full equality for LBGTQ people.

    We want:

    • Full equality for gay or bisexual men donating blood. This means ending the 12 month celibacy rule that currently exists.
    • Hate crime legislation to deal with homophobic and transphobic attacks and proper recording of data on such attacks.
    • Extension of gender recognition act to 16-18 year olds.
    • Access to gender neutral toilets in schools, workplaces and public buildings.
    • A third gender option for non-binary people on all official forms.
    • Legislation to make anti-retroviral drugs such as Pre-exposure prophylaxis, free.
    • Legislation to allow all LGBTQ people fleeing persecution to live in Ireland.
    • Free gender care through an Irish NHS, including services like psychotherapy, counselling, speech and language therapy, hormone therapy, hair removal and gender reassignment surgery.
    • Restoration and improvement of funding for mental health and addiction treatment services.
    • Proper funding for LGBTQ organisations and resource centres.
    • Compulsory, age-appropriate sex education which deals with issues around gender, sexuality, safe sex, consent and contraception.
    • Anti-bullying initiatives for schools, youth groups, sports clubs etc.
    • LGBTQ awareness training for workplaces, community organisations, sports clubs etc.
    • Full support for marriage equality in the North.