Agricultural Policy


  • Reduce concentration of farm assets and control of big agri-producers.
  • Promote the establishment of small local processors.
  • Promote cooperative models of farm ownership.
  • Reduce the dependency of small and medium sized farmers on the CAP.
  • Impose a profit levy on the major producers and supermarkets
  • Intervene to make prices less volatile.
  • Incentivise the development of organic farming for local consumption and direct farmer markets.
  • Incentivise an increase in tillage farming from 10% -40%.
  • Look at the viability of creating a domestic hemp industry.
  • Prioritise organic fertilisers – turn slurry into biofuel.
  • Reform the Glás Scheme
  • Reform the Commonage Rules
  • Support for farmers affected by Brexit.
  • Complete opposition to CITA, TTIP and other forms of neoliberal free trade agreements.