Housing Policy

    Download the Housing Policy Document here.


    • Declare a National Housing Emergency to release funds for local authority and affordable housing.
    • Hold a referendum to insert a ‘right to housing’ clause into the Irish constitution.
    • Create a national construction company to take control of building supply.
    • Launch a five year programme to house 100,000 families and individuals in secure, permanent public housing.
    • Identify current principles that prevent the provision of local authority housing including acquisition and buy back policies.
    • Raise the income thresholds for public housing to €60,000 per annum.
    • Reverse the scandal of self-certification of building works. Pursue developers for compensation due to shoddy building practices during the building boom.
    • Ensure building standards that give proper facilities, functionality and space.
    • Transfer 20,000 NAMA housing units to local authorities.
    • Clamp down on short term letting for tourism or corporate rental in this time of the housing emergency.
    • Stop the sell-off of public land to private developers at knock down prices.
    • Impose a vacant dwelling levy to bring housing supply into use.
    • Compulsory Purchase Orders to acquire land in the public interest.
    • Support proper public consultation on planning policy where the public are meaningfully engaged at all stages.
    • Encourage community interaction in the built environment.
    • If feasible, explore policy of extensions to council houses to relieve overcrowding.
    • Reduce rents through the establishment of a new Rental Board. Introduce rent controls linked to the Consumer Price Index.
    • Increase HAP caps as an emergency measure and move away from landlord subsidies overtime.
    • Introduce legal measures to outlaw discrimination: an end to “Rent Allowance not accepted”.
    • Establish an Independent Regulator for tenants in Local Authority Housing.
    • Establish an Independent National Housing Agency to oversee the delivery of safe and culturally appropriate Traveller Accommodation.
    • Ban evictions where there is genuine economic distress.
    • Abolish bureaucratic measures which mean that homeless people can easily lose their social welfare payment.
    • Increase supply of housing fitted for people with disabilities and special needs.
    • Support the provision of suitable, affordable student-specific accommodation in areas around third-level institutions.
    • End the scourge of Direct Provision.