Animal Welfare Policy

    Download the Animal Welfare Policy Document here.


    • Conduct a full audit of animal welfare issues in Ireland.
    • Increase financial support for animal welfare charities
    • Promote responsible pet ownership through the school curriculum.
    • Conduct a full review of the Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010 (DBEA).
    • Stop live exports to countries where welfare standards at the final destination cannot be assured.
    • Introduce measures requiring all animals, but especially pigs and poultry, to be provided with adequate space, natural light and opportunities to carry out their natural behaviours.
    • Support the complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.
    • Introduce a complete ban on the hunting of wild mammals with hounds.
    • Introduce a complete ban on coursing live hares.
    • Properly enforce the ban on doping of greyhounds, lurchers, and horses.
    • Control and regulation of Greyhound breeding for profit.
    • Examine and restructure Bord Na gCon.
    • Ban fur farming.
    • Ban fur sales.
    • End badger culling by traps, snares and shooting.
    • Ban all non-medical animal experiments.