Brexit Policy


  • Reject all moves to re-create a hard border.
  • Reject any attempt to establish customs posts or immigration checks.
  • No Irish Garda, immigration or customs official should co-operate in imposing a border.
  • Irish people – North and South must vote on the outcome of any negotiation between the EU and Britain.
  • The Irish government should give a clear commitment that it will use its veto to implement the decision of such referenda.
  • Insist on the retention of a common travel area between North and South.
  • Reject moves to weaken the economic linkages between North and South.
  • A campaign of civil disobedience and people power to remove posts if the EU and UK insist on imposing a hard border.
  • Oppose neoliberal reforms imposed by London or Brussels
  • Oppose Imperialism imposed by London or Brussels.
  • Oppose PESCO – the move towards a European Army.
  • Ensure that working people do not pay the economic costs of Brexit
  • Move to a new model of economic development less susceptible to international decisions like Brexit or the election of Trump.