Natural Resources Policy

Renewable Energy

Because of its location, Ireland has the potential to be a leader in the development of renewable energy worldwide. The state could enable a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and become a manufacturer and exporter of renewable energy components. Wind and wave technologies have enormous potential here. A recent report by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) outlined how investment in additional wind capacity of 4000 MW mostly offshore would create 36,000 jobs.

A large scale reforestation programme would also benefit both the economy and the environment. It would also help with sequestering Co2 emissions. In Budget 2018 we showed how an extra €500 million could be found for renewable energy employment. This would create an additional 5,000 renewable energy jobs. We would also spend €500 million on research and development (R&D) and €100 million on afforestation.


Ban Fracking – Move Away from Fossil Fuels

People Before Profit opposes the use of dangerous technologies which threaten our planet. Our aim is to make Ireland carbon neutral by 2035. This necessitates banning fracking, a system of gas extraction that causes major damage to the environment. The process involves the use of chemicals which are dangerous to the surrounding water table and leaves behind a degraded landscape.

People Before Profit supports a ban on all fracking activity in Ireland.

We believe that Ireland must take its obligations to tackle climate change much more seriously than it has done so far.

We therefore believe that no further licences for oil and gas exploration should be issued and the surplus should stay in the ground.

If we take the existing licences into public ownership, there is more than enough to supply our energy needs and pave the way to a fossil free economy in the future.