Protest against cutbacks in Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Theatre and one ward still remain closed Fighting to have front line services restored to our children's hospital We wish to announce that our campaign...

United Campaign Against Lisbon Treaty launched

An alliance Vote No to Lisbon of 15 groups jointly launched their campaign for a No vote to the Lisbon Treaty today. The new...

LMHR gig

Love Music Hate Racism gig in Dunleary in the Purty Loft on Friday september 18th, band slots avialable if you know of anyone please...

Irish Life and Permanent Put Profit Before People

The People Before Profit Alliance today condemned the decision of Irish Life and Permanent to increase variable interest rates from Monday. PBPA is calling on the public to show their disgust with IL&P by picketing their O Connell St branch from 12 to 2pm next Monday. The Alliance called on the public to organise pickets on other branches of IL&P at the same time.

Councillor Brid Smith said “My phone has been hopping all day. The people I represent are angry that their mortgage repayments are being increased when many of them have lost their jobs or have had wage cuts imposed on them. Anyone with a job is paying extra in levies. The people running Irish Life and Permanent have no idea how difficult it is for people to manage in current circumstances. The government needs to tell IL&P that this decision has to be reversed. The public should show their anger at this disgraceful decision by picketing IL&P next Monday”.


Protest March Friday 24 July

Management at Cherry Orchard Hospital confirmed today that up to 20 beds have been closed in the hospital. Patients in receipt of respite care have been moved out of the hospital to private nursing homes in Maynooth and Lucan.

Between 20 and 25 families in the West Dublin area will be affected by this move of patients to private nursing homes. The HSE, despite pleas from management at Cherry Orchard, have refused to recruit the extra nursing staff required to keep respite services in the hospital. Instead they are paying the full commercial rate for private care for public patients.

People Before Councillor, Brid Smith, who is leading the campaign to save the respite services, spoke to management today who confirmed that they cannot guarantee that the beds will re-open in Cherry Orchard in October, as originally stated by the HSE.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company to demolish Carlisle Pier and possibly sell...

The People Before Profit Alliance today condemned plans to pull down Carlisle Pier behind the back of the public and talks between Harbour Company and Stena over possible sale of harbour

In a statement today Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett of the People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA) condemned plans by Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company to demolish the buildings on the historic Carlisle Pier starting on September 1st, without any public consultation.

Documents seen by Cllr Boyd Barrett showed that the state owned Harbour Co has detailed plans for the demolition of the buildings on the pier, which are known to be packed full of dangerous Asbestos.

Cllr Boyd Barrett understands that preparatory work for the demolition has already begun with fittings and other items now being stripped out of the interior of the Pier buildings.

The documents seen by Cllr Boyd Barrett also showed that the Harbour Co was currently involved in discussions with the Stena shipping line, where the sale or handover of the whole harbour to the Ferry Company was one of a number of options being discussed for the harbour’s future.

This comes at the same time that Harbour management have told staff that they are seeking redundancies for up to half of the workforce.