Andrew Keegan Election Manifesto

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Builders Workers Campaign for an Industry with a Future

’A reformed construction industry can build a more equal society for all families and communities.’’
Andrew Keegan (People Before Profit candidate, Dublin North West)

Campaign Demands

  • Expand school building programmes

  • Increase grant aid to retrofit insulating housing stock

  • Assist construction families in debt

  • Let apprentices finish their training

  • Provide open access to retraining

  • Dail representation on a workers wage

With thousands of families losing their main wage earner, due to the collapse of the construction industry, they see themselves on the bread line in debt and unable to provide for food and a roof over their heads. With no organisation dedicated to resolve these problems the Construction Industry Federation’s solution, to introduce the minimum wage and roll back wages and conditions on site for the remaining construction workers employed.

An industry that was badly led and corrupt has caused misery for thousands, including architects, engineers and construction managers, no group of employees have been untouched but the hardest hit the lower wage earners who’s dole entitlements are now running out, their families need help and hope of a return to a normal life with a future.

  • Establish a viable industry, no to boom bust cycle.

  • Proper conditions, pay and training

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett on Newstalk’s Coleman at Large 01/02/11

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Building Workers Fight Back Inaugural Meeting

Building Workers Fight Back Meeting took place 23rd November, 8pm  Greenfield Park Commuinity Hall, Shanliss Ave, Santry Campaign Demands Expand school building programme Expand Home energy programme Assist...

Dun Laoghaire Baths Sub Committee to be reconvened

The Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Area Committee of 24 Jan passed a motion, proposed by Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett, to reconvene the Baths Sub Committee in order to move the project forward speedily.

The councillors present heard that fifty-three submissions were received during the public consultation process. In the report over 90% of submissions were supportive of the new proposals with many comments and recommendations in relation to various aspects of the plan.

The submissions were released after the request was made by chair of the Save our Seafront (SOS) Campaign and local councillor, Richard Boyd Barrett, for further progress to be made on the Baths proposal taking into account the public’s support and suggestions to improve the plan.

The key issue raised in the submissions was the absence of an adult pool – an issue that was key to SOS’s submission. Other submissions called for the provision of a heated pool and a fully enclosed complex. Broadly the public submissions were supportive of the quality and design of the buildings proposed noting satisfaction with the Councils intent to refurbish the existing Georgian building.


In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett, chairperson of the Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) and Dail election candidate for the People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA), has announced that further protests will take place at the Egyptian embassy in Dublin at 12 noon today (Sat 29th) in support of the popular democratic uprising underway in Egypt.
Cllr Boyd Barrett called on the Irish public to show solidarity with the Egyptian people and other Arab people’s rising up against dictatorship, corruption and poverty.
Cllr Boyd Barrett also called on western governments, including the Irish government and political parties, to end all support and break all links with the Mubarak dictatorship, and to publicly demand that the regime ceased its violent repression of the popular democratic protests in Egypt.
Cllr Boyd Barrett noted that as former Minister for Foreign Affairs, the new Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin had previously signed co-operation agreements with the Mubarak regime (see picture above) and called on him to now condemn the Egyptian dictator’s brutal dictatorship and break links with the regime. Cllr Boyd Barrett also noted that the Irish Labour Party was affiliated to Mubarak’s party, the misnamed National Democratic Party (NDP), and called on the party to immediately repudiate its links with the Mubarak regime and lend its support to the democratic struggle of the Egyptian people.
Cllr Boyd Barrett said: “We should every support for the heroic struggle of the Egyptian people against the brutal and corrupt dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.


The cuts in the last budget were anti-family. But a government led by Enda Kenny and propped up by Labour will not reverse them. Many more children will be forced into poverty unless we stop these cuts.

Childrens allowance
The children’s allowance was reduced by €10 a child for first and second child. Despite evidence that larger families are more likely to suffer poverty, a third child saw a reduction of €20. The cuts in 2010 followed the cuts of 2009, and the removal of the early childcare supplement in 2009. More cuts will be implemented over the next few years if we have a government that accepts the EU/IMF deal.

One-Parent family
The one-parent family payment was cut by 4% this year – and that was on top of previous social welfare cuts. In June 2010, a new Social Welfare Bill was also introduced. This legislation discriminates against lone parents because it plans to cut the one-parent family payment when a child reaches 14 years of age. A Fine Gael and Labour coalition government will not scrap these plans.
There is no support for lone parents who wish to attend part-time 3rd level education courses. Grants are only given to full-time courses but most mothers are not able to attend college full-time. A family with two incomes can barely afford childcare costs – so it is impossible with just one income. .

Reverse the bus cuts, Fight ALL cuts!

Dublin Bus plans for the 42b, 27, 27b and other routes in this area are nothing more than an attack on a vital public service. Far from their claim that it is about improving efficiency and reliability, these changes are really about cost cutting and cutting back services. In the last year and a half Dublin Bus have cut almost 200 buses from its fleet and laid off hundreds of drivers and other workers.

The latest round of cuts, under the guise of the Network Review will do nothing to improve the services we need and rely on.

The changes in North Dublin and across the city mean;

* Removing bus routes from estates they have serviced for decades and forcing people to walk further for a bus. This will save the company time and effort but will discourage people, especially older people from using the service.
* Merging routes from the North side with South side routes. In theory this might sound good, with easier access to other parts of the city, but in reality it means the new bigger merged route will have far fewer buses operating on it than the previously two separate routes did. It means a huge reduction in the number of actual buses operating,
* Cutting or eliminating smaller routes. Routes that do not make a profit, but provide a vital service, face being axed, as the company seek to reduce its costs.
* While estates built across the city are without any bus service, this Government has watched as hundreds of buses are scrapped.

Bus cuts are just part of the picture. Across in transport, health, education and social services, we are been told we must accept cuts, cuts and more cuts. To pay for the bail out of banks we are told we must slash our services, pay and welfare.