Government’s Residential Tenancies Act A “Deception And A Fraud” That Fails To Protect Tenants From Eviction During Pandemic

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett has accused the government’s bill to extend the eviction ban as being one which pretends to protect tenants from eviction.

In the Dáil this afternoon the TD said that the bill being presented by the Housing Minister was a “deception and a fraud” and that it fails to protect vulnerable tenants from eviction during the pandemic.

He urged the government to support the People Before Profit amendment which would impose a blanket ban on all evictions until April 2022.

He said: “The bill extending the eviction ban is a deception and a fraud. It fails to protect tenants from eviction by unscrupulous landlords during the pandemic.

“In my own area, people who have done nothing wrong, who have paid their rent and stuck to the rules, are facing eviction, by a corporate landlord, in the name of profit maximisation, while the virus is still circulating at very high levels.

“This is a shocking situation, but the government can help resolve this situation by accepting the People Before Profit amendment to extend the eviction ban to April 2022.”

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