Press Release: Cop28 Dangerous Fudge As Agreed Text Dodges Key Issue Of Ending Fossil Fuels

Calls For Irish Government To Sign Up To Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty 

People Before Profit TD and Climate spokesperson Paul Murphy has labeled COP28 and the text of the agreement a historic failure and a dangerous fudge on the issue of ending the use of fossil fuels. 

The TDs said that the agreements now clearly showed the need for a global grassroots movement to end fossil fuels, as political leaders have repeatedly failed to take on the fossil fuel industry. 

He said: “The text agreed at the COP28 summit is a surrender to the interests of the fossil fuel industry, in failing to include language that would ensure the ending of the fossil fuel era. Instead, we have vague language which indicates a transition of some sort predicated on non-existent carbon capture and storage technology.

“For Minister Eamon Ryan to label this agreement as any form of a success is greenwashing. Fossil fuels are the majority cause of climate change and global warming. Anything less than an international agreement to end the fossil fuel era is a disaster to the goal of 1.5 degrees, to our children and grandchildren, and the people of the global south.

“We now need a commitment from the Irish government that it will sign up to a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Without a stronger and more radical approach which seeks to end the era of fossil fuels we will not have any chance of reaching 1.5 degrees.”