The Greed That Fuels The Housing Crisis

Ireland’s housing crisis is getting worse and the posh boys who run Fine Gael do not care. They worry only about their PR image.   Continue reading

Gerry Carroll calls out BBC for 'shocking wage disparity'

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll has criticised the BBC following publication of the names of employees earning over £150,000   Continue reading

Gerry Carroll Condemns Shooting In West Belfast

Gerry Carroll demands services and opportunities for young people in wake of shooting. Continue reading

Scrap The Bin Charges- Get Feet On The Street

From September, the government plans to allow waste disposal companies to charge by weight.   Continue reading

Gerry Carroll Slams School Uniform Cut

Gerry Carroll MLA has slammed the introduction of a £3million cut to school uniforms as an attack on the working class.   Continue reading

Take Bins Back Into Public Hands

Dáil Motion calls for freeze to bin charge. Solidarity/PBP motion calls for waste services to be taken back into public control and ownership Brid Smith TD will tonight introduce into the Dail an amendment to a Fianna Fail motion that seeks to re-municipalise domestic waste collection and would extend the current price freeze for bin charges.   Continue reading

Don't Wait For Stormont To Deliver Change- Get On The Streets And Fight For It

“I am not surprised that the deadline has passed without a deal. The LGBT community, Irish speakers and others have been waiting for decades for the equality they deserve." Gerry Carroll MLA. Continue reading

PBP Welcomes Abortion Announcement

People Before Profit enthusiastically welcomes the announcement by Treasury Minister Philip Hammond that in future women from the North will be able to have abortions in Britain free under the NHS.       Continue reading

Gerry Carroll Slams DUP- Tory Lash Up

Speaking after the DUP signed a "confidence and supply agreement" with the Tories, Gerry Carroll MLA stated "The agreement between the DUP and Tories shows the utter contempt the Conservative Party has for people.   Continue reading

Inspect Irish Buildings That May Have Used Grenfell Cladding

The Grenfell fire has highlighted the danger of using cheap cladding material on apartment complexes.   Continue reading