People Before Profit Introduce Bill To Insert Right To Housing In Constitution

People Before Profit is bringing a bill before the Dail to hold a referendum to insert a new article into the constitution obliging the state to guarantee to housing.   Continue reading

Ryanair: The Union Busters Who Don't Care Airline

Ryanair have announced that they will be cancelling around 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. Up to 8,500 people a day could have their travel plans thrown into chaos. Many more will be unsure whether or not to book with Ryanair.   Continue reading

Congratulations To TUI Standing Up To Pay Inequality

Two unions – the INTO and TUI - have taken a strong stance against pay discrimination. The TUI have just announced that its members have voted by 87% to 13% to reject a deal which contains pay unequality.   Continue reading

ESRI Want You To Work Until 70

The Economic and Research Institute is suggesting that people work until they are seventy. Like many supposed ‘economic experts’ they are using a doom and gloom language to suggest new ways of squeezing people harder.   Continue reading

Super High Salaries Attract The Greedy

Noirín O'Sullivans replacement at Garda HQ in rumoured to be getting €300,000 a year.   Continue reading

Why Are Sinn Fein Losing Their Radical Edge?

Gerry Adams’ announcement that he will stand again for Uachtaran of Sinn Fein would appear to indicate continuity with the past. However his leadership has been characterised by sharp turns and there are indications that a new turn is the offing.   Continue reading

Ireland's Health Divide

Dr Eva Orsmond has produced a shocked documentary for RTE on Ireland’s Health Divide.     Continue reading

War Looms Over Korean Peninsula

The rhetoric of war has reached fever pitch between North Korea and the US. Trump has threatened the country with ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’.   Continue reading

Political Ideology Is Preventing Housing Crisis From Being Solved

This last week has seen the stark reality of the homelessness crisis hit home in Ireland. Three homeless people were found dead in the country, in Cork, Dublin and Kildare. The news brought the issue back to the fore of the media agenda as the stark brutality of government policy was laid bare. Rob Winkel writes.    Continue reading