Homelessness- The Mask Slips From Fine Gael Snobs

It began when Varadkar told his Fine Gael members that Irish homelessness was ‘low by international standards’. It was followed up by a concerted campaign by state officials attacking the ‘bad behaviour’ and claiming that ‘homelessness is normal.'   Continue reading

PBP Response To Tory Budget For North

In the absence of a functioning Assembly, the Tories have put forward a budget for Northern Ireland. Below, PBP responds to the Tories claim that the budget represents a fair deal for working class people.   Continue reading

Ireland Does Not Have Enough GPs

Ireland does not have enough doctors who are general practitioners. There is only one GP for every 1,600 people – which is far less than other countries. Continue reading

The Real Story Behind The Ryanair Cancellations

The political establishment are trying to gag pilots from giving evidence to a Dail Committee over the alleged unhealthy relationship that exists between the Irish Aviation Authority and Ryanair. But the pilots are back soon and will give evidence then.   Continue reading

Self Regulation Say Fine Gael - The Landlord's Party

Six members of the 19 government Ministers are landlords. So too are 36% of the entire Fine Gael cohort of TDs. No wonder they do not want to do anything about the scandalous conditions in the private rental sector.   Continue reading

#metoo - Taking On Sexual Harassment

In a blog post, writer, director, performer and activist Grace Dyas has brought to light the shocking extent of sexual harassment in the Irish theatre business. Marnie Holborow writes.   Continue reading

Why 'Fuck The DUP' Is Not A Hate Crime But An Act Of Resistance

On Saturday 14th October Belfast saw more than a 2000 people march together through the city centre demanding free, safe and legal abortions. The reactionary politicians of the establishment and their lackeys in the media lost no time in describing the rally as crass, vulgar, disturbing the peace and a ‘sad affair’.   Continue reading

Solidarity With The Rail Workers

Workers at Irish Rail have voted by huge majorities to come out on strike to secure a proper pay rise. In SIPTU, the vote was 86% in favour while it was 95% in the NRBU. Continue reading

Tracker Mortgage Scandal- Banks Should Be Publically Run

The Irish banks are repeat criminal offenders. Back in the 1980’s, the banks helped thousands of wealthy customers to avoid their taxes in what became known as the DIRT scandal. Brian O'Boyle writes.     Continue reading