Kerry Babies Case Was A Product Of Anti-Choice Ireland

The decision of the Gardai to review of the Kerry Babies case is welcome news. But it is also an opportunity to remember the horrific attitudes to unwanted pregnancies that were perpetrated by the very forces that are still fighting against a woman’s right to choose today.   Continue reading

Obscene Pay Packages Of Company Bosses

The pay package of the average CEO of Irish listed companies amounts to €2.1 million a year.   Continue reading

Gino Kenny Welcomes Decrease In Seizure Of Horses

People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny, has welcomed the decrease in seizures of horses nationally but says that more needs to be done in regards to equine welfare enforcement.   Continue reading

Peter Sutherland- A Fixer For The Rich

Whenever there is a death of a prominent Fine Gael figure, RTE goes into overdrive in eulogy. The former Taoiseach, Liam Cosgrave, was presented as a man who saved the country from chaos. Now Peter Sutherland is being described as the most prominent Irishman of his generation. Continue reading

New Year's Message 2018

2018 has barely begun and already tens of thousands are protesting in Iran. It gives lie to the idea that Muslim people blindly obey their religious leaders. If the people of Iran can face riot police and live bullets, then the people of Ireland can also rise up.   Continue reading