National Schools Closure Highlights Wider Issues On Schools And Covid

Concerns expressed that Covid numbers in schools may be underestimated

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has reiterated concerns around Covid transmission in schools.

The TD had called on the Government to consider extending their closure during the Christmas break in line with a recent ECDC report.

Speaking after news today that two national schools have had to close as a result of Covid 19 the TD said: “This once again raises serious questions for the policy on schools. Repeated assurances that all schools are safe are of no comfort to parents and pupils who have family members with serious underlying conditions, nor are the assurances good enough given the facts we know about ventilation systems in 80% of schools and the willingness of the authorities to define close contacts very differently in schools as opposed to the wider community.”

The TD repeated her appeal for the Government to now seriously reconsider keeping schools closed for longer or sooner than previously planned given the rising Covid numbers and the latest evidence that such a policy can help reduce transmission.

She added: “These closures will alarm the many families, such as the Forgotten Families group, in schools and among staff who have serious underlying conditions and whose concerns are been ignored by the Department and the HSE.”

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