UCD: SIPTU Joins Students In Calling For Divestment

After the successful encampment in Trinity College, attention has focussed on UCD. This has become the biggest college that has refused to come out publicly, calling for an end of Israel campaign of genocide in Gaza.

The glaring hypocrisy of UCD management is evident in the double standards on Ukraine and Palestine.

In February 2022, UCD issued the following statement. ‘UCD deplores and condemns the actions of Russia in invading and attacking Ukraine. This act of military aggression is a violation of international law and is completely unjustified’.

But they have refused to condemn Israel’s brutal war.

Students at the college have begun an encampment and now the main union in the college, SIPTU, has come out in support.

A statement from the SIPTU Section Committee states that ‘We echo calls for UCD Management to:

  • Issue a statement condemning the ongoing onslaught in Gaza.
  • Commit to divestment from companies that have activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
  • End all relationships with Israeli suppliers.
  • Outline supports for Palestinian scholars and increase the number of scholarships available for Palestinian students.
  • Establish a task force to consider links to Israeli universities.