Tracker Scandal – Why Are These Bankers Not In Jail


The top banks illegally pushed people off tracker mortgages to boost their profits. They fleeced over 40,000 people – forcing them to pay tens of thousands of euro extra in mortgage payments.

315 people lost their homes because they could not keep up with the high mortgage payments.

Yet not a single banker has been sent to jail. They ruined people’s lives – but they walk away scot free.

These are the same banks that were bailed out by the Irish people to the tune of €64 billion. The chief executives earn salaries of up to €400,000 a year – but they still demand higher pay.

Nothing better sums up the sickening hypocrisy of the Irish elite that the way they protect their own. Instead of being arrested, brought before the court and then jailed, the bankers only have to go through the embarrassment of attending ‘commissions of inquiry’.

This is the standard way that the Irish elite protect their own. We need to drive the parties that protect them – Fianna Fail and Fine Gael – out of office.