Cllr Matt Collins

Black Mountain DEA

Matt Collins has spent years as an activist fighting for people across West Belfast. He has used his platform to support communities standing up for themselves, to defend and expand services, support local campaigns and more.

Matt has organised workers to defend jobs and better their conditions, and successfully fought for thousands of pounds in funding for services such as welfare advice groups.

Along the way Matt has also helped hundreds of residents in individual cases, including housing issues, council issues, benefits, signing forms, community and foodbank support.

t: 07467339284

Cllr Michael Collins

I have used my position to organise communities in campaigns for better public transport routes in Colin, to expand inclusive services for children with autism in our leisure centres, and to close Mullaghglass Landfill to protect our environment from air-pollution.

I am asking for your #1 vote on May 18th. As the cost-of-living continues to rise, we need principled voices to stand up for working class communities.

I represent constituents in Colin through my weekly advice clinic over housing, benefits and other issues and know that many are struggling with rising prices and lack of support.

In Council, I have consistently opposed price hikes, have been an advocate for a pay uplift for workers, and have challenged the big parties over their decision to hike rates by 8%.

t: 07927688875

Cllr. Fiona Ferguson

Oldpark DEA

Fiona Ferguson has been an activist in North Belfast for years and was elected to Belfast City Council in 2019.

She has consistently stood beside striking workers on pickets, and taken on the inaction of the big parties during the cost-of-living crisis.

Fiona has been the strongest alternative voice in North Belfast, challenging the cosy status-quo in Belfast City Council which has prioritised big developers over the needs of our local communities.

Since being elected, she has delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds for local welfare services, fought to defend local services like a GP surgery in Ardoyne and the Mater Hospital, and helped hundreds of people struggling with housing, benefits and more.

t: 07572540489

Carol Gallagher

Sperrin DEA

Carol was born and raised in Strabane where she has worked in various teaching and educational roles for 30 years, latterly on short-term, precarious contracts.  She experiences first-hand, and campaigns against, the inequalities faced by many in the Sperrin DEA, including the rising costs of living, challenges facing private renters and cuts to public services. 

A strong advocate for workers rights, she stands in solidarity with striking workers and is an active supporter on picket lines. She has spoken at Stormont, and regularly on television news, to ensure the voice and experience of every ordinary person is heard.

t: 07581184727

Damian Gallagher

Faughan DEA

I am a resident of the Faughan DEA and work as a lecturer at Magee University. I’m a trade union activist and campaign against Tory austerity and its devastating impact on all communities.

I know how many in rural communities are struggling with rates rises, price rises, welfare cuts and poverty pay; yet multinational corporations continue to make record profits. Rural communities suffer the worst in cuts to public services and are too often abandoned by the actions of the establishment parties at Stormont. We deserve better.

I will continue the extensive work of our party in ensuring the complete clean-up of Mobuoy dump and the many other hazardous tarry waste sites across the wider Faughan area.

t: 07581184727

Cllr. Shaun Harkin

It has been an honour to represent the people of Foyleside since being elected in 2019. I’ve helped residents with issues large & small.

Delivered food & basic necessities during the pandemic Proposed & fought for the Council Hardship fund when Stormont & Westminster did nothing Blocked big parties from cutting Advice Services funding Campaigned & voted against the 8% Council rates hike, prices increases & millions in service cuts Worked to improve Brooke Park access & facilities Supported residents demanding local play parks, housing, road repairs, better services & the reopening of City Baths

If elected I will continue to defend the vulnerable, support students and young people, stand in solidarity with workers fighting for fair pay and protect vital services.

I will continue to use my platform to challenge hypocrisy; hold main parties, energy bosses and government officials to account; and fight to put people before profit. Thank you for your support.

t: 07960404137

Cllr Maeve O'Neill

As a proud resident of Creggan I’ve been honoured to represent The Moor DEA since coming onto Council in 2021 when Eamonn made the decision to step down.

As a frontline worker in Altnagelvin I see first hand the impact that poverty, inequality and funding cuts has on the health of local people. That’s why I’m on the picket line with my trade union fighting to save the NHS.

I’ve used my Council platform to amplify the voices of local residents and communities. I fought for the Council Hardship Fund when Stormont and Westminster did nothing. I opposed and voted against the 8% Council rates hike and massive cuts to services.

I campaigned to improve road safety and air quality for residents in The Moor, and for the clean-up of the toxic Mobuoy dump. I’ve supported residents to self-organise to demand neighbourhood improvements, local play parks, housing, and the reopening of City Baths.

If re-elected I will continue to defend those in need, support workers fighting for fair pay and protect vital services. I will continue to use my platform to challenge hypocrisy; hold the main parties to account; and fight to put people before profit.

t: 07840034407

Cailín McCaffery

Cailín McCaffery has grown up and lived in the Court area all of her life. She has dedicated what time she can to local, national and international causes whenever possible.

She has assisted people with housing and waste collection issues, campaigned for women’s, LGBTQ and refugee rights. Cailín has joined several campaigns from the Cost of Living Coalition to Palestine solidarity causes.

When she isn’t involved in activism and campaigning, or doing her own job, Cailín volunteers with St Galls GAC, where her family are members and play hurling, camogie and gaelic football.

Due to the lack of funding into mental health services, Cailín also dedicates time to volunteering for Let’s Face It, a mental health and addiction awareness organisation that facilitates workshops and talks to discuss the importance of highlighting mental health issues and the problems faced by people, young and old, in today’s society.

t: 07928163562

Damien Doherty

I’m excited to be standing in Ballyarnett, it’s an area I’ve grown up and went to school in and currently live. As a bus driver in Derry, I’ve spent many years driving the Ballyarnett district. I’m currently a union rep with Unite in my depot and branch secretary. I’ve seen so many vital services attacked by austerity and neglect, from Stormont and Westminster. I know it is possible to change things, we have done it within the union in our recent successful fight for better wages and conditions. I feel it’s time we all said enough is enough. Voting for myself and People Before Profit will be voting for a fighting voice in council which will make a difference for us all! 

t: 07845029992

Davina Pulis

As a non-binary, queer artist and committed activist, I am an active member in local grassroots organisations such as Alliance for Choice Derry, Foyle Pride, and the Cost of Living Crisis Campaign.

I advocate for a political alternative that recognises class struggle and amplifies the voices of the underrepresented and marginalised rather than the typical green or orange politics.

Communities coming together to demand a better future is the key to real change. I look forward to working with you to bring about positive change in the Waterside and the wider city, as our community deserves nothing less.

Coming from the Waterside I would be proud to represent the DEA.

t: 07720780975

Adam McGinley

Adam was born, raised and lives in Sion Mills. He experiences the financial challenges facing many young workers. He is actively involved in local cost of living campaigns and has helped support and engage with local striking workers. He is a strong campaigner on rural and environmental issues. 

He is standing in the Derg DEA to fight the Tory austerity responsible for the cost of living crisis and cuts to local public services. He actively supports the upgrading of the A5 and the restoration of the rail network that will reconnect the Northwest and address the issues facing rural communities.

t: 07581184727

Amy Merron

I’m a young mum of two and a youth support worker for a local mental health charity, therefore I see first hand the pressures that our community is facing during the cost-of-living crisis. I’m standing for election because Coleraine deserves an alternative to the status quo of the corrupt Causeway Coast and Glens Council. I believe in amplifying the voices of the working class, young people, and the most marginalised, and I’ve stood on picket lines with health, education, housing executive, and council workers, as well as having participated in campaigns for welfare, healthcare and the environment.

t: 07740264732

Sipho Sibanda

My name is Sipho Sibanda. I am the candidate for PBP in the Botanic DEA. I am an activist and believe in Human Rights and Equality. I am honoured and filled with pride to stand in such a diverse part of our city. One that is so reflective of the bigger Belfast.

We at PBP recognise that our city is a changing city, a diverse city, with many different communities. We want to reflect that change and diversity and to reach across all divides, and we can always be relied upon to stand against any kind of oppression or bigotry.

For there is more that brings us together than divides us! So, when we consider all of this, one thing seems clear to me; we need more PBP activists elected to fight for the rights of ordinary people. Please vote for me in the upcoming election.

Fiona Doran

Originally from the Newry area, Fiona Doran has lived and worked in Belfast for over 20 years, and has made the East her home for 15 of those.

A dedicated anti-racist and social justice campaigner, she is the current convenor of United Against Racism Belfast. As a grass roots activist she has been involved in numerous campaigns to improve the treatment of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. She is determined to challenge the negative, unfounded and misleading rhetoric about these fellow citizens.

An active member of the local community, Fiona volunteers with training of the underage teams of East Belfast GAC in hurling, camogie and Gaelic football. A believer in the importance of youth sports and the club’s ethos of “Together”.

Nick Cropper

I aim to bring an alternative voice which is my own but one that, in my view, understands what many people are currently experiencing at home and at work.

I am Nick Cropper, a postal worker based in East Belfast, and a Trade Unionist who represents fellow postal workers in the area.

As a councillor for the Lisnasharragh ward I will endeavour to represent all working class people, support striking workers, challenge the main parties in the council and fight to protect essential services.

I aim to build a platform that reassures local people that they are represented.