"A Message From
Eamonn McCann"

Deadlock at Stormont drags on, as the DUP selfishly continue to whip up tension. Sectarian division suits the big parties. They prefer not to talk about their records.

SF & the DUP pose as polar opposites, while behind closed doors they work together to hike rates, freeze pay, cut services, and introduce welfare reform.

Our communities have the highest levels of deprivation on these islands. These problems are rooted in class inequality and an economic system that supports the rich.

It’s time for an alternative to failed sectarian politics. We want a new socialist Ireland that moves beyond the two failed states north and south.

The real divide is between ordinary people and the rich. As inflation soars the wealthy have never had it so good, with record profit level. There is vast wealth in society, but it must be properly distributed.

It takes a Socialist.