Unite and GMB Members on pickets at bus yards in Belfast 1 December 2023

Translink Workers Strike

0%. That’s the pay increase Translink are ‘giving’ their workers in another year of cost-of-living increases and price hikes. They’re right to strike! 75% returned their

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Unions Reps In Translink Unite To Fight 0% Offer

Three bus and rail unions in Translink are showing solidarity in strategy, negotiation, and action leading to significant pay gains: 6.5% in 2021, and 10.1% in 2022.  This solidarity will be vital with a 0%2023 pay offer from Translink signalling inevitable industrial action from 1 December 2023 in bus and rail.

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BDS Scores A Win At O’Neills In Derry

O’NEILL’S has agreed to remove PUMA products from their shelves in accordance with one of the Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) campaign’s major target brands. Puma is the lead sponsor of the ISRAELI FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. The victory was reported by Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Derry (DERRY IPSC)

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Support Section 39 Workers

People Before Profit expresses its full solidarity and support for Section 39 workers who have been forced to ballot for industrial action to win just pay claims.

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Why The Bishops Want A No, No

On Sunday, the Irish Bishops ordered that church pulpits be used for a direct political intervention. They called for a vote NO and NO in

Banks Are Ripping You Off

Bank of Ireland has made nearly €2 billion in profit. But rather than cutting mortgage interest rates, it is giving its shareholders a huge return

Activists Assembly For Palestine

Featuring Ghada Karmi Karen Gearon Zaid Al-Barghouthi Richard Boyd Barrett TD & More Sign up at the link below https://bookings.scopetickets.com/event/11858?repId=1f307f921f7e49698cc8c608cf8f6718

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