Who Is Posie Parker And Why We Protest

Posie Parker, aka Kellie-Jay Keen, is a minor social media influencer who travels across the world promote hatred against trans people.

Her target in Ireland is the Gender Recognition Act that passed without controversy in 2015 because it coincided with a major movement that rejected the power of Catholic Church. By whipping up transphobia, Parker wants to create a ‘controversy’ that will allow right-wing forces to try to reverse the act.

Behind the veneer of ‘I am just defending women’s rights’ lies an agenda that welcomes support from the far right. You can see this from her own words and actions:

  • She claimed that there are ‘pockets of Bradford whose culture is not British’. She asserts that there are too many Muslims and so it is an ‘awful place for women’.
  • She openly associates with fascists. In Belfast, one of the speakers at her rally was Jolene Bunting, a member of Britain First. In the US, she has spoken at a rally with Proud Boy, Chris Barcenas.
  • She defends Tommy Robinson, the British fascist from opposition from the left.

Trans people already suffer violence and abuse.

Posie Parker claims she does not advocate violence. Yet she openly hints that men with guns may be needed to protect women’s toilets.

Posie Parker is an unrepentant hatemonger. That is why we are protesting her.