Unite Against Ff/Fg – Reject Division & Hate

People Before Profit are holding a public meeting in Tallaght this Thursday at 7pm in the Rua Red Theatre. This event aims to bring people together to unite against this Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, and Green Party government and to reject the hatred and division with the far-right is trying to sow in our communities.

The housing crisis worsens every day. The government is to blame for refusing to build public housing and allowing landlords and developers to profit from the crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of people are on hospital waiting lists. Meanwhile, the profits of private health insurance companies and hospitals soar.

Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising the fastest in Europe. The government refuses to tackle big agri-business or data centres. It is also working consistently to undermine what is left of our neutrality.

This government represents the corporate landlords, developers, and big business polluters. It needs to go. Instead, we need a left government with eco-socialist policies to stand up for workers and ordinary people.

We have seen the emergence of far-right activism in Ireland. They are working hard to divide people and protect those in power. Instead of blaming the government and the corporate landlords for the housing crisis, they want to blame vulnerable asylum-seekers.

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