They Are Bombing Gaza Again – Mobilise And Protest

Israel has resumed its brutal bombing of Gaza. Within minutes of ending the ceasefire dozens of people were murdered. Children have been left with horrible wounds with shrapnel covering their bodies.
Israel’s plan is to drive people out of Gaza. They told its people to flee to the south of this tiny strip of land. Now they are bombing every building in an area they once designated as ‘safe’.
The time for mealy mouthed words from political leaders is over. We need real action to isolate Israel
We need to throw out their ambassador, boycott their products, stop their ally, the US, using Shannon as a transit base.
The government will only do these things if they are forced. That is why we need people power and mass direct action.
This starts with turning out in big numbers to the protests this Saturday.

Some of the protests happening this Saturday are listed below, visit for more.

Dublin – March & Rally, 1pm, Assemble @ Garden of Remembrance – March to the Dáil
Ennis – 11am, O’Connell Square
Cork – March & Rally, 1pm, Grand Parade
Limerick – Rally, 1pm, Bedford Row
Belfast – Die-In, 1pm, Lanyon Building, QUB
Clonakilty – 5pm, Astna Square