Tenants Facing Mass Eviction To Protest This Saturday

This Saturday tenants of Tathony House in Dublin 8, who are facing mass eviction, are marching alongside Father Peter Mc Verry to call for an extension of the eviction ban.

They will also be joined by tenants from 94 to 96 Rathmines Road, who are also facing eviction.

With 11,632 people homeless the government could simply extend the eviction ban and keep tenants in their homes to prevent any further increase in the already record homelessness figures.

As one resident of Tathony House, James O’Toole put it;

“It’s terrifying to watch the homeless figures rise and rise again knowing we will soon be thrown out into the current rental market madness. We need local authorities to step in and purchase blocks where tenants face mass eviction. But we also could be rescued from potential homelessness by the government – they could just extend the eviction ban!”

People Before Profit councillor Madeleine Johansson, also a resident of Tathony House, pointed out the lack of protections and safeguards for tenants.   

“In 14 other European countries, no-fault evictions are illegal, landlords can sell up whenever they want but they sell with tenants in situ. We need to extend the eviction ban as a first step towards banning no-fault evictions completely. Our demands are simple: local councils should step in and purchase properties, the government should extend the eviction ban and we urgently need more public homes.”

The protest takes place this Saturday, Feb 4th, at 1pm starting at the Dublin City Council offices on Wood Quay Dublin.

It has been called by tenants of Tathony House and 94/96 Rathmines, with support from Peter McVerry, CATU Inchicore Kilmainham, and People Before Profit.