TD Condemns Planned Closure Of 27 Beds At St Mary’s Hospital


“Closure of Transitional care beds will worsen trolley crisis in Mater, Connolly and Beaumont Hospital”, claims Bríd Smith TD

“Closure will threaten health of most vulnerable and elderly patients in system”

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has called on the Health Minister to reverse a planned closure of 27 transitional beds in St Mary’s Hospital in Dublin.

The TD said the closure of the beds was “ill thought out and shows no understanding of the impact it will have on the acute hospitals that rely on those beds. This will worsen the trolley crisis in our hospitals as it will mean patients cannot access the transitional care they need and will have to remain in the acute hospital beds. The impact on elderly patients will be devastating.”

The TD called on Minister Harris to clarify the logic behind the planned closure. A document (attached) from St Mary’s confirms that beds will not be replaced on a phased basis from July 1st. The TD rejected suggestions that the closure was the result of a needed refurbishment programme saying that there are alternatives to closure within other parts of St Mary’s that could be used while a refurbishment program takes place.

“I am calling on Minister Harris to explain how this closure of 27 much needed transitional beds can fit with the Slaintecare plan or with any plan that seeks to deal with the ongoing trolley and A&E crisis.”

Last week saw a 7% increase in numbers on trolleys in Irelands public hospitals