Support Peaceful Protests In Syria

Protests have broken out in Sweida, a 100,000-strong city in southwestern Syria and then spread to other cities. They were sparked by a cut in fuel subsidies which has added to the economic hardship of the people. Over 90 percent of the Syrian population live in poverty.

Significantly, they took place in a government-controlled area and quickly took on a political form.

The main chant was ‘Step down Bashar, we want to live in dignity’. Bashar Assad, the Syrian President, comes from a family that has ruled Syria for five decades.

This is a return to the spirit of the Arab Spring when people demanded the end of dictatorships.

Assad crushed the last wave in 2011 by deliberately turning his guns on the pro-democracy movement.

The country descended into horror as it became a site of the conflict between the global imperialist powers.

It takes real courage to come out on the streets in Syria and risk torture from Assad’s secret police.

Let’s show our solidarity. On Sunday 3rd September at 2pm there will be a support gathering at the GPO Dublin.