Stormont Budget: Carroll Urges Grassroots Resistance To Cuts

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll has described the Stormont budget as an “outright attack” on the people of the North, urging grassroots resistance to proposed cuts. 

He was speaking after the Secretary of State outlined widespread cuts to Stormont departments. 

“This budget is an outright attack on schoolchildren, on the sick and vulnerable, and on workers,” Mr Carroll said.

“The Tories are punishing the public for the intransigence of their one-time DUP allies. Collective punishment won’t work because the DUP doesn’t give a damn about our communities.

“Our public services have been cut to the bone through years of Stormont negligence. Health waiting lists are out of control, workers’ pay has been cut, and schools are surviving on a shoestring. The raft of cuts outlined by the Secretary of State will cause irreparable damage, particularly in working class areas.

“None of the North’s establishment parties are prepared to challenge the Tories. They have always been useful lackeys for Westminster.

“People Before Profit will reach out to workers, trade unions, and community groups in the time ahead to organise grassroots resistance to these cuts. Working people should not pay for the political and economic crisis foisted upon us by ruling elites.”