Stop Israel’s Assault On Gaza – Stop The War In Ukraine

The Irish government’s response to the murder in Gaza has been disgraceful. They condemn Hamas but have refused to condemn Israel. They have even proposed a resolution in the Dáil that claimed Israel had a ‘right to self-defense’ the day after Israel murdered 500 people at a hospital in Gaza.

They do not speak clearly and say that Israel is not conducting a war of self-defence – they are waging a genocidal campaign against the people of Gaza.

There is a reason for all this. The present government wants to bury neutrality and align Ireland with NATO. At the very least, they want to join an EU army and take part in the build-up of an EU arms industry.

But they are caught between public pressure which supports the Palestinians and their masters in Washington and Brussels.

Real Irish neutrality means staying independent from the imperial powers. It means being independent of Washington, Moscow or Beijing and speaking out against colonial oppression.

This is why we must link the fight for Palestinian rights to a defence of real Irish neutrality.

We urge you to come on the Irish Neutrality League demonstration on Saturday November 4th, 2pm, at the Graden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin.