Statement On Boris Johnson’s Resignation

Reacting to news that Boris Johnson is set to step down, People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll called for an election, saying that none of the Tories waiting in the wings are fit to govern:

“Boris Johnson’s resignation is long overdue, but it is no good replacing him with someone who is equally culpable in attacking working people − the entire Tory government should be put out of office.

“None of the Tories waiting in line to take Johnson’s place are fit to lead a government; they are self-serving elites who have treated people in need with contempt for years. They have presided over one law for the rich and one for everyone else, lavishly partying during COVID and siphoning millions to billionaires and wealthy corporations.

“The Tories do not have the mandate to continue with business as usual. It is time to let the people have their say on this rotten Tory government. We want to see a general election now, to allow people the democratic opportunity to finally boot the Tories out of office.”