Stand Against Racism

Le Chéile and United Against Racism have called a rally for all those who want to stand against racism for February 6th at 1.30pm outside the GPO.

A migrant camp was violently attacked. Direct provision centres are targeted. Social media is awash with hate and vitriol, all based on ignorance and prejudice. Misleading and fact-free slogans and tropes are circulated and accepted as fact when they are simply a tissue of lies.

It is time to stand up against this far-right message of hate.

In a statement, Le Cheile and United Against Racism are calling on all progressive groups and people to come out in a show of peaceful and determined solidarity, to stand with our refugee and migrant communities with love and compassion on Monday 6th February at 1.30pm at the Spire to oppose the latest iteration of anti-refugee hate.

If we believe in solidarity there are times when we must show it, even in the face of antagonism and racism. Now is that time. Who lives here belongs here!