St. Patrick’s Guild Scandal Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

The St. Patrick’s Guild scandal is the tip of the iceberg- time to separate Church & State!

Minister Katherine Zappone revealed that at least 126 people were falsely registered at birth between the years 1946 and 1969 by Church run St Patrick’s Guild adoption society.

Their real identities were stolen from them before they were given to families. In some cases children from St Patricks ended up working on farms or as virtual slaves.

Others may have got lucky and been placed with a caring family. But the Church was running a child sales racket.

St. Patrick’s Guild was founded in 1910 by Mary Cruice who originally wanted to provide a Catholic alternative to Protestant run fostering services in Dublin.

The Guild linked up with the nuns in the Sisters of Charity and became an adoption society under the command of Archbishop John Charles McQuaid.

St. Patrick’s Guild was involved in the secret export of 572 children to the US for adoption from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, which was more than any other adoption agency.

So much for ‘Love Them Both’- so called ‘children of sin’ ended up sold off or starved to death and buried in a septic tank.

Katherine Zappone and Leo Varadkar will cry crocodile tears about the fate of these children- but they won’t confiscate Church land to pay compensation to victims of abuse.

Neither will they kick the Bishops out of our schools and hospitals. After the amazing Yes vote we need to raise our voices loud and clear- we want the Church out!