Scrap The Property Tax

The government is introducing a Finance( Local Property Tax) Bill to squeeze more money out of homeowners.

One-third of the taxpayers will see their bills increase by €90 a year.

An additional 100,000 who bought new houses since 2013 or were exempted for other reasons will also now be liable.

The property tax penalises people whose family home has increased in value because of market rates they cannot control.

You could be poor and living in an area like Ringsend in Dublin 4 and still pay more than a millionaire living in Mullingar.

People Before Profit will oppose this bill. 

We want a wealth tax and higher corporation taxes to hit the rich.

Other News

Give Health Workers A Break!

The Labour Court is recommending 10 days as a thank you to all Health Care wokers after Covid. The unions were right to ask for it. People Before Profit say stand with the nurses and health care workers.

No To Prsi Increase For Workers

Senior civil servants have proposed that PRSI be increased for workers and employers. The reason why workers’ rights are so poor in Ireland is that employers don’t pay enough in social insurance to cover payments like sick pay and maternity pay. ncrease in PRSI for workers are a pay cut and should be resisted. Employers must pay more to fund a decent social wage for workers.

Don’t Roll Over For Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships are against labour regulations. A doggie day care in Cork had been using them and workers organised to call it out. Workers need to unite to fight and PBP will support them.

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