Refugees Welcome – Ireland For All

Reject Far Right Lies and Division

The far-right Irish Freedom Party has called a ‘Dublin Says No’ rally beside the Shelbourne Hotel this Saturday. Their aim is to scapegoat asylum seekers and spread racist division.

The IFP claims that ‘Ireland Is Full’. We are now a decade and a half into the worst housing crisis in the history of the state, a crisis that was in full swing long before the war in Ukraine and the rise in the number of refugees coming here.

During all this time, the IFP has not had a word to say about the sky-high rents, the tens of thousands of vacant properties, and the red carpet that has been rolled out to vulture funds and speculators.

Theirs is a politics of lies and deceit.

Rather than focus on the failed housing policies of this government, they point the finger of blame at asylum seekers who are themselves being treated appallingly in the direct provision system, often accommodated in tents or in disused buildings that are not fit for purpose.

The far-right in Ireland remains small, but it has grown significantly in Ireland over the past few years. If they are allowed to gain a real foothold in Irish society, it will put asylum seekers, migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities in real danger.

They have been prevented from gaining this foothold in our society in the past because people have stood up to them in our communities and on our streets.

We are calling on everyone to do the same once more this Saturday.

Join the protest called by United Against Racism and Le Chéile opposite the Shelbourne Hotel on Stephens Green this Saturday, 21st of January at 1.30pm.

Refugees Welcome! Racists Not!