Public Meeting: Stand With Palestine

Israel is committing mass murder in Gaza and yet world leaders talk about its right to defend itself.
But how does continual bombardment of an area that is half the size of Louth constitute self-defence?

This is collective punishment of a population that one Israeli Minister has called ‘human animals’.

Over last weekend, the mass media reported that 20 trucks were allowed to enter Gaza.
But this was a publicity stunt to cover an intensified bombing campaign that followed the day afterward.

On Sunday, Israel murdered another 50 people.

The root cause of all this violence is the political ideology of Zionism. This asserts that Palestinians have no right to promote their identity within a country they have lived in for thousands of years.

Opposition to Zionists does not equate with antisemitism.

People Before Profit opposes all forms of racism, including racist attacks on Jewish people. However, we reject the political ideology of Zionism as an exclusivist and sectarian ideology.

The solution to all this conflict is a secular democratic state where Jew, Christian, and Muslim can live together and where none have a privileged identity inscribed in the state. This is known as a one-state solution.

At a public meeting on Wednesday, Richard Boyd Barrett TD will outline People Before Profit’s view of the current conflict.