Pressure From Business Risks Second Wave


Pressure from big business to open the economy is having an impact. More building sites are starting up and officially all can re-start after May 18th. Ryanair has stated that it will soon be operating 1,000 flights a day.

But Covid-19 is not under control and business should be told be back off. Our health is far more important than their profit.

Any easing of social distancing would require a country to have proper testing and contact tracing. In Ireland, it is taking an average of nine days before people are contacted about the virus. Experts say that it should be done in 48 hours.

Even countries that have much better facilities than Ireland are experiencing problems when they begin opening up.

In China, new clusters have been found in Wuhan in the last week.

In Seoul, 1,500 people are estimated to have been infected after a party district in the city returned to business.

In Germany and Denmark, the infection rate has increased after social distancing was relaxed.

To avoid a second wave, we need to stop the rush to open the workplaces.