People Before Profit Write To Sinn Féin, Social Democrats & Left Independents In Order To Explore Left Government Following The Next Election

People Before Profit write to Sinn Féin, Social Democrats and left independents in order to explore left government following the next election.

People Before Profit has officially written to Sinn Féin, the Social Democrats and left-wing independents in order to open a conversation about the formation of a left government after the next general election.

The party has sent letters to Sinn Féin’s leader Mary Lou McDonald TD and the new leader of the Social Democrats, Holly Cairns TD, and left independents, in which they outline the case as to why any coalition with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil should not be considered in the future due to the chronic crises in housing, health, and failed neoliberal policies which have emboldened the rise of the far right.

People Before Profit in their letter invited parties and independents of the left to join them in clearly stating that they support the formation of a radical left alternative that rules out cooperation with Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael in any future Government coalition.