People Before Profit Support Disability Pride Parade 

Ireland’s very first disability pride parade will take place in Dublin this Saturday. The parade starts at 2pm from the front entrance to Trinity College on College Green.

Disability pride is a movement born from the ongoing failings of successive governments to address the gross inequality that our disabled and caring communities face. 

Bernard Mulvany, People Before Profit representative for Dublin Bay North, has been one of the most vocal and active reps fighting with the disabled community. He is very much a part of this community having been a carer for 13 years to his daughter who lives with a disability. 

He has witnessed and experienced first-hand the abject failings of successive governments to the detriment of the disability and caring community, a community that suffers the most in our society. 

Most recent reports have shown that while in some sections of Irish society the standard of living has improved or stabilised the disabled community has experienced increased poverty – more than anytime in this state. This is a scandalous reflection on government and government policy.

Bernard is also cofounder of the Access for All Ireland campaign, a group of activists who are carers and people living with disabilities who have decided that they have to fight for greater inclusion, to have the voice of PWD heard in all quarters of Irish society and they have become a huge force in that movement. 

They never shy away from those uncomfortable truths. 

Bernard will be marching this Saturday along with so many others to say enough is enough. If Ireland is really a country which strives for equality then surely we should be doing everything in our power to see that equality become a reality.