People Before Profit Back Ucu Strikes

Strikers with Picket Signs Magee University 1 December 2021

UCU Strike Action across North 
University and College Union have commenced strike action today across all main campuses in the North. Lecturers and university workers will be on strike to Friday 3rd December. 

People Before Profit stands in full solidarity with UCU strike action over pay, working conditions and pensions. We’ve joined pickets in solidarity in Derry, Belfast and Coleraine.

Arrogant university bosses should take stock of the resounding vote by lecturers and staff for strike action. 
Wages of university staff has fallen 20% in real terms since 2009.

A recently published report documented a widespread workload and mental health crisis in universities. Nearly a third of staff say they feel emotionally drained from work pressure.

This is about turning universities and education into factories for profit.

A university shouldn’t be run like a corporation focused primarily on using students to churn out profit.

Cancellation of classes is entirely down to the belligerence and arrogance of university bosses and their disregard for workers and students.

Cynical university bosses will look for any opportunity to divide and conquer by pitting students and public against staff.

University bosses didn’t lift a finger to help students or staff during the pandemic. This is why solidarity between lecturers, staff and students is key.

We encourage all students to join and support the newly formed ‘Students Supporting Industrial Action’ network.

People Before Profit fully backs the staff demands for a £2.5k pay increase for all staff; an end to race, gender and disability pay injustice; a framework to eliminate zero-hours and other casualised contracts; and meaningful action to tackle unmanageable workloads.

We encourage everyone to join workers on the picket in their city or town.

Pickets are taking place 08:00am – 11:00am at the locations below: 

Ulster University
Belfast Campus
Jordanstown Campus
Magee Campus
Coleraine Campus

Queens University Belfast

Use this image in your social media profile to show your support for the students and staff striking for a better university.