People Before Profit Dublin South Central reps call on Owen Keegan to make a full statement on DCC payments to gangland figures
In response to reports from the High Court that Dublin City Council “paid gangland figures to stop antisocial attacks” Ballyfermot Councillor Hazel de Nortuin and TD Bríd Smith have called on Owen Keegan, the CEO of Dublin City Council to make a full statement on the matter.

Councillor de Nortuin has said: “This raises serious issues for how the Council will conduct the Local Area Plan that is being finalised for the Cherry Orchard area. Over 2,500 housing units are planned for the LAP plus shopping and community facilities. Currently there is one shop in the entire area of Cherry Orchard.”

Deputy Bríd Smith added that: “Cherry Orchard deserves better and Dublin City Council will have to lay down a clear and careful path for the development of this area in the near future.”

She added that: “It is quite shocking that public money is being spent in this manner and there has to be another way.”

Cllr de Nortuin said: “Decades of social neglect and social containment in this area have had a very negative impact on the community. It is high time the area had a focus for proper facilities, shops, services and improved public transport. We have to move on and ensure in the near future that the social neglect is ended.”

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