On June 7th Vote People Before Profit

Behind all the headlines and the pile of literature going through doors, there is a real fight going on to shape the future of Ireland.

A few months ago, the political establishment were terrified that they would be driven out of office and possibly replaced with Ireland’s first left government.

But they looked at how their right-wing friends across Europe handled any such threat.

And the tactic was simple – divide and rule. When you have nothing to offer working class people, tell them to turn their attention to scapegoats. Migrants, single parents, trans people – present them as threat to your way of life. Use the fear factor to divert attention from your failings.

Just look at how Rishi Sunak and Trump play it. These billionaires froth at the mouth attacking migrants, all the better to protect their huge wealth.

The mainstream media have pushed a debate about immigrants to the fore. It sounds like a more ‘exciting’ story –  taking Ireland out of its terribly parochial concerns and coming into the European mainstream.

Meanwhile further to the right, openly fascist groups start targeting asylum seekers.  They firebombed buildings while the Gardaí show a distinct lack of enthusiasm to investigate. They stoke up a racist rhetoric that has led to the murder of at least one migrant and physical attacks on many, many more.

Just like the rest of Europe, the conventional right then adapt to the thugs. They play up the ‘problem’ of immigration. The narrative Is always ‘how will we cope’.

You would think that there is no movement OUT of Ireland. It is rarely mentioned but each year 64,000 people leave Ireland.

The reality is that this county couldn’t work without the non-EU workers in our hospitals or the migrant builders who are constructing homes. Where do you think the Irish tourist industry would be without migrant workers?

There is a reason for pushing talk about immigration.

It takes attention off the absolute failure of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to provide decent public services.

You wait an average of 12 years for a council house in Dublin,

You can wait up to three years for a hip operation in a public hospital.

You will pay up over €1,000 a month to have your child minded in a creche.

If this is not bad enough, imagine the anger that exists when you hear that Ireland is an ‘economic success’.

Of course it is a ‘success’ – but only for some. While the average wage is around €40,000 a year, a full quarter of Irish citizens earn less than €30,000. And that is in one of the dearest countries in Europe.

So, there is a real anger in Irish society – and it is reaching boiling point.

The far right, who increasingly masquerade as ‘independents’, want to turn the anger on to those at the bottom.

People Before Profit are going after the political establishment. This is why our election slogan is Evict Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

We are the only party that gives a cast iron guarantee that your vote will NEVER to be used to proper up these right-wing parties. Unlike Labour or the Greens in the past, and maybe even Sinn Féin in the future.

Because we know this is a fight to change Ireland – and we are up for it.