International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was founded by socialist women organising at the beginning of the last century for equal pay and better working conditions.

Women have won many gains in the time since then, but there is still so much to win in 2023.

The housing crisis, the cost of living crisis and the breakdown in our health services all affect women disproportionately and increase their vulnerability to abuse and violence, especially poor and working-class women.

On top of this, women are still paid, on average, 14% less than men.

Despite winning the Repeal referendum, women have not won full rights to bodily autonomy, North or South.

In fighting for a better world, where our needs come before the needs of profit, we remember the radical roots of International Women’s Day.

That fight for a better world cannot leave behind any woman – not working-class women, refugees, LGBTQ+ women, or those in war-torn countries around the globe.

The capitalist system harms us all. And the fight for liberation must include all of us. We have a world to win.