Here Is How We Get Affordable Homes

House prices are now higher than at the peak of the Celtic Tiger boom. This is the result of deliberate government policy.

They have cut back on social housing and brought in vulture funds to push up house prices.

It is time to end this madness.

 Here is what People Before Profit proposes:

  • Increase supply through a vacant homes scheme. There are 5 times the current annual output of new homes, sitting vacant right now. We would give six months’ notice to owners to make the house available after which time we would use compulsory purchase order powers and transfer the house to the relevant local authority.
  • Ban vulture fund purchases. Kennedy Wilson or Ryanair should not be allowed to purchase blocks of homes.  
  • Deliver public housing through a state construction company.
  • Use public land for social and affordable homes.
  • Abolish the income threshold for social housing.

Stop land speculation – take building land around cities into public ownership.