Gript Spreads Fake News

In the aftermath of the horrendous attack in Parnell Square, the far-right website, Gript rushed to claim a foreign national was responsible for the killing.

This functioned as a signal to other far-right agitators who called on people to congregate in the city centre. A far-right-fueled riot then followed.

Just as lan Paisley operated in the past, Gript claimed they had no responsibility for the rioting and attacks on migrant workers. Paisley stirred up sectarian hatred against Catholics and then washed his hands when they were attacked.

Gript has since removed a story, which blamed the wrong man for the stabbing. They revealed details of his immigration case ruling, which is available on legal sites, and in which he is named. These details made this person publicly identifiable, and he is now at risk.

Gript is a member of the press council and its journalists regularly turn up to interview government ministers.

It is time that this outlet was not regarded as anything but an agency for far-right ideas. An investigation should now take place into who funds it. It should also investigate Gript’s claim that their source for the original story came from inside the Gardaí themselves.