Electricity Bill Shocker

Most people have received their winter energy bills – and are reeling from the shock. From April 2020 to February 2023, electricity bills have more than doubled.
The average household uses 4200kWh over a year and the price has increased astronomically over the years.
In 2017, the average home was paying €917 a year. But by February 2023, they were paying €2120.
The main reason is that energy companies are pushing up profits to astronomical levels.
The government has given a €600 credit – but this does not cover the price hikes. It is also a once-off payment yet there is no sign that energy companies will decrease their prices.
We need an immediate change of policy. There should be:

  • A price cap imposed on the energy companies
  • A return of the ESB to a not-for-profit mandate, so they stop price gauging us.

If you agree, get to the Cost of Living Coalition demonstration outside the Dáil at 1pm on April 1st.