Dup + Tories = Anti-Worker

Sammy Wilson, the DUP MP, has displayed his true colours and they are the bright blue of the Tory Party.

He, and just one other non-Tory MP, voted for an anti-strike law. This gives the Tory government the right to serve a minimum service notice on rail workers, ambulance workers and firefighters.

This law will allow them to decide how many workers must be forced to break a strike, supposedly for safety reasons. If workers do not obey, they can be legally sacked.

The Tories want to break the strike wave that is currently engulfing Britain and the North. Workers are not accepting wage cuts caused by inflation and are taking action to protect their livelihoods.

Wilson pretends to be the working-class voice of Unionism. But the union he really wants is with right-wing, empire-loving Tories.

We need to get the likes of Sammy Wilson off our backs and elect representatives who are the real voice of workers.