DUP And Their Precious Union


One reason the British state is having problems leaving the EU is that Brussels is driving a hard bargain. The other is that the Tory party is caught up a nostalgia for empire and the ‘precious union’ that is, apparently, the UK.

As the EU and Britain enters the endgame on negotiations, the right wing Brexiteers around Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson were about buckle and back May’s deal. They had only one caveat – that the Democratic Unionist Party also agree.

Predictably, the DUP said No. And even though they no longer represent the majority in the North – that is of little concern to the Tory imperialists who talk about the North being ‘annexed’.

Historically the DUP has been presented in a softer light by the political establishment who pretend that they can be wooed to a moderate position. This explains why Fine Gael invited a DUP representative to their conference and then cheered when he suggested that Ireland re-join the Commonwealth.

The DUP is a far right, pro-imperialist party that has a natural affinity with the cavemen of the Tory right. It opposes equal marriage, denies rights to the Irish language, campaign against teachings of evolution, and denies climate change.

Instead of hiding behind the idea of ‘balanced coverage’ of the North, the DUP needs to be named for what it is – a bigoted, sectarian party who want to divide working people with constant talk of a ‘precious union’.

That is one positive lesson we can take from the crazy antics of the British parliament this week.