Disgusting Racism

The fascists have yet again displayed their true colours when they organised a burning of the tents of homeless migrants. These thugs have never attacked the vulture funds or bankers but instead focus on the most vulnerable in society. Their aim is to create division so that people’s minds are diverted from the real enemy.

The site of the homeless camp was Andrews Court in inner city Dublin. This has been left derelict for years by Dublin City Council. They ‘de-tenanted’ its occupiers, moving them to Ringsend, promising that they would refurbish the flats. But they really want to knock them down and hand them over to some multinational company for an office as part of their general strategy to move working class people out of the inner city.

But while the fascists stir up hate, the finger on blame must also be pointed to a government that has decided to leave 500 asylum seekers on the streets to fend for themselves.

The Green Party Minister Roderic O Gorman helped the far right grow by claiming there was no way accommodation could be provided. This in a country with tens of thousands of vacant homes and buildings.

This government has failed to provide housing for people born in Ireland or emergency accommodation for asylum seekers.

Let’s focus on ending the rule of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael and not let the fascists get away with doing the dirty work of the rich.