Cut The Rents: Take Action Over The Housing Crisis

People Before Profit congratulates Trinity College Dublin students for taking peaceful direct action to highlight the rent crisis that students face.

They blocked the Book of Kells for a day to highlight their grievance.

Rents have soared in Dublin and even official figures show that they have increased by 8% for new tenancies in 2022.

Landlords and their political representatives in the Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are calling for more tax breaks as a solution. But for at least ten years, we have heard establishment politicians looking for more incentives to increase supply and bring prices down.

It has not worked.

The obvious answer is that we need strict rent controls and more social and affordable housing. We need a system whereby tenants can apply for rent reductions.

The right-wing parties will never willingly give us that. So, we need to get out on the streets in big numbers to highlight the housing and cost of living crisis.

On October 7th, there will be a major cost of living demonstration. If you want to help build it, get in touch with [email protected] for leaflets. Or just share event on your social media.